Mark Wood Entertainment & Production 

 LIVE! Entertainment at JWA

...Whether you're waiting for your flight or returning from your travels, sit back and enjoy our amazing MWE Musical Artists as they perform your favorites...

MWE has been providing the best in Entertainment and Production Services in Southern California for more than 25 years.  We are very excited to partner with John Wayne Airport for JWAlive and bring the best musical artists from the Southern California area to John Wayne Airport.  Enjoy listening to amazing LIVE performances by our incredible Guitarist, Pianists and Vocalists at one of four stages located throughout the airport.  Happy Travels!


September 2021 - Show Dates


Sept 26th, Mark Wood from 11AM-2PM     

Sept 27th, Matthew Jordan from 9AM-12PM

SHOWS at Coffee Bean Tea Leaf

Sept 23rd, Tyler Simmons from 9AM-12PM

Sept 30th, Jason Feddy from 9M-12PM

SHOWS at Hobie's

Sept 22nd, Jason Feddy from 3PM-6PM

Sept 29th, Jason Feddy from 3PM-6PM

SHOWS at Sunglass Hut

Sept 24th, Mark Wood from 11AM-2PM



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